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Automotion supply a large range of mechanical components to design engineers and special purpose machine builders. We specialise in linear rail systems, lead and ball screws, mechanical precision components and rotary parts. Our parts are fully listed on our website, where cad files can be downloaded and parts ordered. We hold a lot of product in stock.


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Sealing Screws and Plugs

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What is a sealing screw?

An ordinary screw lacks seal protection, allowing dirt, fluids, gases etc. to infiltrate and damage sensitive devices. Sealing screws provide bi-directional sealing protection to systems where screws are used, to protect them against dirt, chemicals, water or other contaminates, which (without the screw seal), may penetrate and damage or alternatively where gases and liquids may leak out.

The seal screws incorporate an O-ring underneath the screw, bolt etc which forms a sealant layer.

The seal provides bi-directional sealing.

Seal screw fasteners are designed and manufactured with a precision engineered groove beneath the head of the fastener. As the fastener is tightened, the O-ring is compressed, squeezing the O-ring between the groove and mating surface to complete the seal.

Sealing Screws - Pan Head

Screws to DIN 85, ISO 1580. Clearance holes recommended for maximum sealing. This screw is available with slotted and phillips pan head.

Sealing Screws - Cap Head

Screws generally to DIN 912. RE-useable. Clearance holes recommended for maximum sealing. Threads M2 to M30.

Sealing Screws - Countersunk

Screws generally to DIN 965. Clearance holes recommended for maximum sealing. Threads M3 to M10.

Sealing Screws - Button Head

Screws generally to ISO 7380. Clearance holes recommended for maximum sealing. Thread sizes M3 to M12.

Sealing Screws - Hex Head

Stainless steel screws with silicone "O" ring as standard. Clearance holes recommended for maximum sealing.

Sealing Nuts & Washers

Nuts available as standard shape or with domed shape head. Stainless steel. Threads M3 to M24.

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